The world of apples

South Tyrol - Alto Adige is the largest apple cultivation area in Europe. Nevertheless, the majority of local apple producers are small farms like ours in Cortina sulla strada del vino.

The apple is a fruit particularly rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which are mainly present in the skin. In order to preserve these precious elements, for the production of Iduna we use our apples as a whole.

You can find particularly high content of vitamin C in the Granny Smith apple. This green apple is one of two varieties that we use for our apple sparkling wine and distinguishes itself by its particularly sour taste. A balance to this is the sweet and sour Braeburn, excellent for creating delicious dishes in the kitchen.

For the sake of the environment and the higher quality of our apples, we're focused on the provisions of the so-called "integrated farming". This means for example, that we defend our orchards against pests by protecting their natural enemies, such as the ladybug.